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Prospective applicants should complete the “ICIG 2023 Workshop Proposal” form, which includes:

Workshop title: the title should be focused, oriented to the needs of individuals and academic groups attending ICIG 2023. Recommended title should be concise and clear-cut in views, and not exceed 20 words.

Workshop organizing property: Individual, by special committee, by working committee, by industry or others. (Please indicate the name of the special/working committee, if applicable)

Workshop format: 1) Seminar: Each speaker will give a speech in turn, and finally engages in an in-depth discussion with the participants; 2) Lecture: each speaker reports in turn with question session; 3) Other formats.

Workshop introduction: 300-500 words, introduce the basic information, the background and necessity of the workshop, as well as the purpose and significance to be achieved.

Workshop agenda: introduce the preliminary time schedule, the total duration is 2 hours.

Organizer(s) information: name, affiliation, contact email, phone number, and a brief introduction of the organizer(s) (< 200 words/person).

Speaker(s) informationname, affiliation, contact email of the speaker(s) to be invited.

Note: The total number of organizers and speakers should not exceed 6.

Important Dates

Proposal submission deadline: Jun. 26, 2023

Notification of workshop acceptance: Jul. 10, 2023

Final information submission: Jul. 22, 2023

Workshop date: Sep. 22, 2023

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying, please email the workshop proposal materials to the Workshop Chairs or CSIG office before the submission deadline with the email subject: ICIG 2023 + workshop proposal + applicant’s name.

Yugang Jiang
Kai Xu        
CSIG office

Proposal form